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New Legacy Magazine /
Nuwe Legacy Tydskrif
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Editor's Letter (Inge du Plessis)

When we started the first term of 2017, all  
our batteries were fully charged from the  
December holiday and motivated for this big  
challenge and privilege that we once again had  
to be educated and be amongst people that  
we love and consider family.
After the welcoming of the grade 8’s, all the  
RCL members’ batteries dropped to a solid  
50% to face the term and for the last week,  
I’m pretty sure the entire school has been  
testing to see how far they can push the final  
3% of battery life that remains before the  
final shut down!
But today I am the bearer of good news  
because the holiday is upon us and I cannot
wait to catch up on all the sleep that I’ve lost  
during this term!
But resting aside… It’s important to step back  
and review all that you’ve done during these  
past three months… did you do everything to  
your best ability? Could you have done better?  
Should you have changed something? Will you  
be happy with your report card?
I feel like we all live in this fantasy world of  
“It’s okay, I’ll just do that tomorrow” or “I’ll  
try harder next time.”
But what if tomorrow or “the next time” never comes? We have  
once again been shown that life is so unpredictable and we are  
merely placed on this earth by the grace of God.
Our school’s heart is broken about oom André’s passing and we  
pray that his soul may rest in peace.
Nothing is guaranteed. So, if you love someone - say it. If you  
want to do something - do it.
Don’t wait for a moment that you might never see.
Your life is in your hands. Take good care of it.